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Maori scholar Hemi Dale on Maori language and globalization and Gaelic scholar and poet, Maoilios Caimbeul of Skye on media and values


Click here to listen to excerpts from a conversation at Auckland University with Hemi Dale, of Te Uri o Tai and Te Rarawa tribes about globalization, Maori language teaching, and education policyas well as an excerpt from a talk with Gaelic scholar and poet, Maoilios Caimbeul of Skye on media and values

(left click to listen, right click and ‘save target as…’ to download)


See below for a transcript of this conversation:

Hemi- We have to be really vigilant in ensuring that we are not disadvantaged by that.  It seems quite plain to me that there are some (???) officials living in the university who pose (?) in terms of recruitment of Maori for our program. 

And again one important point that I need to make again.  We are not a Maori only pathway.  Our students are predominantly Maori but also those who aren’t Maori who are committed to Maori and so we are (?) part of our students come through.  And you know work out, that relationship stuff in terms of not, what is ok, what is not ok in terms of taking particular roles.  (???) So we’ve got a group of students in the moment who came in through a foundation program, hadn’t done any formal training in secondary school but came into our pathway, speakers of (Samoan?) and they are on their way to becoming trilingual.  So that is amazing stuff that happens, and we have an open door like that.  And I think if we can attract more and more and build our- the core in terms of what we do here.