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Wiremu Tawhai on language learning and teaching and globalization

image credit: tpk.govt.nv

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Wiremu Tawhai, much loved and respected Te Whanau o Apanui elder, scholar, author, actor, and teacher of language and culture, speaks about his passion for the Maori language, the importance of traditional languages and knowledge, and of his efforts in language recovery in a tribal institution of higher learning in Aotearoa New Zealand and in his own community.

See below for transcript of this conversation:

Wiremu Tawhai: Whether we succeed or not, and you know, the treaty hui we had the other day, may link us up with tangata takitaki, originals, indigenous of the world [31:23]. My best hope is that that will happen and that we become excited because we’re part of a movement across the world; we’re part of a tidal wave, so to speak. And we become excited because we have a contribution (more…)