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Gaelic scholar and poet Maoilios Caimbeul of Skye, on Gaelic language and education

image credit: Mike Mackay

 Click here to listen to scholar and poet, Maoilios Caimbeul of Skye, talking about education and the Gaelic language

(left click to listen, right click and ‘save target as…’ to download)

See below for a transcript of this conversation:

Ma-Well you know William Gillies said to me a couple of years ago, he made the comment that communities are disintegrating and even in the Western Isles and Lewis, and then he said but new communities are forming and some of them are diasporic communities and people that are, you know, parents may have left, like my dad, or whatever, and he said some of them are green minded communities and maybe they are the ones that will bring back the Gaelic, and yet yes and no, and I hear there is an ambivalence around that and there is a part that want’s to say “no, no” because, and I heard that in GalGael from young Seamus, when I mentioned that he said “oh, but they’ll never have it right and it’ll never be the same, and that’s true.