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Island Voices. A Gaelic/English project by Gordon Wells

image credit: Island Voices site

Designed primarily for language learners, this Scottish island project in Gaelic and English shows video slices of life and work in the Hebrides, including traditional crofting/fishing practices.  Over 150 videos in English and Gaelic can be accessed at the project site.

Click here to access Gordon Wells’ Island Voices website http://guthan.wordpress.com

“Is Gaelic an Indigenous Language?”

Some time after a conversation with Makere Stewart-Harawira, Outer Hebridean Gaelic language learner and teacher Gordon Wells ventured into contentious territory on his personal blog, where a range of comments can also be found.

Is Gaelic an Indigenous Language?

“Stupid question.” That’s the short answer, tinged perhaps with weariness, perhaps indignation. “Of course it is. Next question.”

Well, there is a next question – indigenous to where? And so what? We need deeper reflection in a British/UK context, where indigenous or aboriginal status may be most loudly proclaimed by sometimes closet, sometimes open, racists of a self-styled “British nationalist” perspective affecting to speak on behalf of the “original” (read white) English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish peoples.


Gaelic scholar and poet Maoilios Caimbeul on Globalization

image credit: Mike Mackay

Click here to listen to a conversation with Gaelic author, scholar and poet, Maoilios Caimbeul of Skye, on the impacts of globalization on Gaelic

(left click to listen, right click and ‘save target as…’ to download)


See below for a transcription of this conversation:

Maoilios Um…there is a person in Edinburgh university, I knew it was Clauss(?) as well (laughs)

Ma- Oh really (laughs)

Maoilios I first, she’s done a study of this, she’s doing a PhD on how things have translated from one language to the other.